A big thank you to the students on the degree show committee; An innovative and dedicated group of creatives who have spent the last year overseeing the organisation of the photography festival.
Chairs of degree show committee: Alice Rodgers & Theo Leonowicz
Catalogue design: Hollie Blower, Zografia Argirou, Lauren Brown, Alice Rodgers, Theo Leonowicz, Paige Cowton, Philippa Askew, Sam Liddle
Logo design: Sam Liddle
Social media: Niamh Donnelly, Hollie Blower, Zografia Argirou
Website design: Alice Rodgers
The 2020 graduates of BA Photography would like to thank our wonderful tutors for their support and encouragement over the last three years;
Linda Marchant, David Summerill, David Eckersley, Emily Andersen, Fiona Maclaren, Jonathan Watts, Gabrielle Brooks, Max Kandhola, George Miles, Jed Hoyland, Charles Fox, Assunta Del Buono, Martine Hamilton Knight, Hazel Simcox, Katie Stretton, Ian Reynolds, Ferdi Santagata and Laura Allen.
From pushing our critical thinking to allowing us the space to experiment and question the medium of photography. Leaving Nottingham Trent University is bittersweet, but whilst we will be parting with fond memories, we are confident the teaching we have been so lucky to receive will pave the way for many creative endeavours. 
Finally, a thank you to our graduates! The creative community that can be found on BA Photography is a joy to be a part of. On behalf of the whole year group we would like to say thank you for making our university experience as enjoyable as it was. Through organising exhibitions, making publications and writing dissertations to personal struggles and challenges- thank you for creating a safe space for our students to express any (and all) emotions. Here's to our creative careers.
Nottingham Trent University BA Photography class of 2020.
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